About Me

In brief: I’m a multi- media journalist based in Glasgow developing content across newspapers, radio, and occasionally online and TV. My specialism is the outdoors and environment, including land reform, invasive species, rewilding, outdoor activities and the outdoors movement.

More about me

My specialist area is broadly the outdoors and environment and my journalism is informed by 40-odd years of interest in such issues and a decade of being involved in and writing about them in Scotland.

Most of my work in this area is long-form, in print and radio. Topics covered in recent years include deer management, red squirrel protection, invasive rhododendrons, salmon farms, basking sharks, Lyme disease, estate management, national parks, community land buyouts, marine pollution, footpath maintenance, the management of Ben Nevis, cycling, climbing, the outdoors movement of the 1930s, and outdoor education.

My volunteer work in a food bank led to a regular Herald Online blog and an hour-long documentary on the topic on BBC Scotland TV, and I have also written about the Men’s Shed movement.

I regularly work is as a sub-editor and a radio producer mainly for the Herald and Times group in Glasgow and BBC Radio Scotland, where my expertise in my specialist subjects brings added value to my work. I occasionally do news reporting for Scottish media on related topics, and guest on the radio talking about outdoor, family and social issues.

Originally from Liverpool, I started work as a reporter in local weekly newspapers in Manchester and then progressed to regional newspapers in the south-west of England as a reporter, sub and news editor. I switched to local radio in the north Midlands, working in Nottingham, Derby, and Stoke, then freelanced at BBC 5Live before moving to Glasgow to work for BBC Radio Scotland for15 months during and after its move to Pacific Quay.

Since then I have subbed and written, produced two radio programmes, worked as a freelance radio news producer,  researched and developed two TV programmes seen on BBC Scotland, and undertaken other projects such as helping write and edit a guide to sustainable development for community groups.